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Job coach Adjustment and career development

Job coach Adjustment and career development

What does a job coach do?

Job coach a social work

A job coach, or career coach as it is sometimes called, can work with coaching, for example at the Swedish Public Employment Service. Since job coaching is a social work, it is important that you enjoy meeting new people.

The job coach's duties

Can help bring out a strengths and weaknesses. Have an understanding of things you really enjoy doing. Can also help you understand what you really like. Sometimes you may not be one hundred percent convinced of what you really like to spend years doing.

The job coach can come up with a lot of good tips and ideas on things related to the job application. Also helps to talk about what to think about in job interviews and how to best prepare for them.

Helps to create a resume. A really good CV can help an employer look at it a little extra. It is rare that you can use the same CV for all your job applications without having to create new or modify for different applications. You also get help with putting together a personal letter that many employers attach great importance to and that can arouse interest.

A job coach can also help follow up on a job application and it can help so that it leads to a job.

The job coach can also help with training. Above all, it is about educations that can then more easily lead to a job that you really wanted.

You can also get help finding a job. Especially jobs that you do not see in ads. There are many employers who do not advertise their jobs but you must try to find them on your own.

Pepping and a pat on the back is important so that you do not lose heart, but keep your spirits up, even if it is not so easy all the time. It is not always as if you get a job you get the jobs you want and then it is important that you get help to continue the search.

It is then important that a job coach knows what to do, what to think about to find the motivation to move on. If you have been without employment for a while, it is easy to have no ideas on how to

It is important that a job coach helps in order to really get the best conditions for you to get the greatest opportunities to get a job. Therefore, a lot of help from a job coach is required. Finding a new job does not always have to be difficult.

The mission

The assignment begins with a careful mapping of the participant's needs and skills and the measures are adapted accordingly.

  • Motivation - how motivated am I to apply for a job, for example?
  • To believe in oneself and find joy
  • Competence - what are my competencies?
  • Increased awareness - strengths, weaknesses, values
  • Current situation, goals, obstacles
  • Action plan - concrete and time-bound
  • Methodology for focused job search
  • CV, personal letter, spontaneous application, interview training
  • Help and support
  • Crystal clear feedback in all situations.
It should be fun and rewarding to apply for a job! And it should of course give results!

Training Job Coach

Many who work as job coaches are trained as study and career counselors. It is a three-year college program that you can find at several colleges and universities around the country.

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Synonyms for Job

  • work, employment, activity, employment, place, service, assignment, occupation, profession; knog, kneg, möda, slit, stök; workplace

Wikipedia information about Arbete

Arbete Arbete är en mänsklig verksamhet som genererar ekonomiskt värde i form av varor eller tjänster. En människas resurser för att utföra arbete kallas arbetskraft. Ur ekonomiskt perspektiv skiljer man mellan förvärvsarbete och obetalt arbete. Till det obetalda arbetet kan man beroende på hur generös man vill vara med definitionen av arbete, bland annat räkna ideellt arbete, hushållsarbete och studier. Det finns även sociologiska perspektiv på arbete, där man skiljer mellan lönearbete, karriärsarbete, etcetera.