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What does a coach do and What is coaching? - The Coaching Association

What does a coach do and What is coaching? - The Coaching Association

What does a coach do

What does a coach do?

A coach is a person who helps an individual and / or a team to, both professionally and personally, develop, shape their lives and achieve their goals.

Hiring a coach has become increasingly popular and coaching is used today by both individuals and people in the corporate world. The coach can play a crucial role in making the client successful and develop as well as increase the ability to handle change and create new meaning.

Groups and organizations

Groups and organizations can also benefit from coaching to deepen their learning or improve performance. Coaching can work as a complement to a number of different professions, such as managers, human resources managers, health care professionals, psychologists and sociologists. Anyone who works with people in different areas and wants quality in communication can benefit from coaching.

The word coach is widely used today

The word coach is widely used today, for example we talk about training coach, business coach, job coach and health coach. Originally, the word coach comes from Hungarian kocsi and stands for the meaning of carriage or cab that takes people from one place to another. Symbolically, the coach is the one who assists the individual or group to get from the current situation to a stated goal in the future. To achieve a certain goal or to be able to realize a dream, coaching can work well.

Action plan

The client chooses what the conversation with the coach should be about and then they work out an action plan together.

Increase knowledge and awareness

Clear goals are important if you want to achieve change. The coach helps the client to set concrete goals, sometimes even intermediate goals, and to find their best ways to achieve these goals. The client receives support in their personal development and change work. Being coached is for the client both an active and sometimes demanding change process and the client must be prepared to explore and challenge himself. Above all, the client needs to increase their knowledge and awareness in order to develop and act differently. It must be remembered that the coach does not come with ready-made advice and solutions, but supports the client to find the answers and the path to change and development.

Highlight and develop the strong

A professional coach should not be equated with being an expert, advisor or mentor in the ordinary sense. The coach can by listening, asking adequate questions and giving feedback help the client to pick out what is important. The coach strives to create motivation and help the client stay focused on the set goal. The client may need to be challenged to think in different ways or act in new ways. When coaching, you want to highlight and develop the strong, healthy and positive.

Personal potential

The coach focuses on what promotes, liberates and develops the human inner potential. Within all of us, there is a longing to exploit our full personal potential.


In collaboration with the client, the coach works to build and develop skills with regard to the client's resources and to design and complete an appropriate action plan.

Through coaching, you get motivation and meaning along the way to help you reach your goals.


We have all the resources we need

The client must always be considered and treated as full of resources. It is the client who has the answers and the coach has the appropriate questions. Through the questions, the coach can help the client to clarify his values ​​and goals and uncover his potential. Through a collaboration with the coach, the client is helped to shake off limiting traditional perceptions and take out new directions. As it is the client who implements the change, the coach does not have to be a specialist in the client's area. The coach should be supportive and guiding and work towards making themselves redundant, not indispensable.


What is ICC?

The ICC stands for "International Coaching Community" and is a network of trained and qualified coaches. These coaches have successfully completed the ICC's certification training, which is Sweden's only international coach certification. The network has a shared commitment in terms of ethics, quality and a high standard of coaching. Membership in the ICC is based exclusively on the ethical commitments mentioned and on competence. Therefore, the affiliates do not receive any financial benefit so that a high level of credibility can be maintained towards our clients. Joseph O´Connor and Andrea Lages at Lambent do Brasil, who are two of the most sought after and respected NPL coaches and coaches, are the ones who developed the certification bases.


What is coaching not?

Originally, the word "coaching" comes from the sports world. Today, however, coaching is a set of philosophies, skills and tools that can be effectively applied in all possible conceivable areas. Coaching is clearly different from other auxiliary professions, such as mentoring, counseling, therapy, training or consultants, although there are similarities with these.


Coaching is not for correcting or understanding the past, but concentrates on understanding the present and shaping the future.

The purpose of coaching is not for the coach to talk about how the client should do or convey their own values, but the purpose is for the coach to help the client build their own capacity to make a permanent change.

Coaching is to start from the client's resources to support the client on the way to the goal, not to start from their own expertise and experience in the field.

The coach must work towards making himself redundant so that the client can release his own qualities.

When a client has completed a successful coaching period with a professional coach, the client should have a feeling that says: "It was I who did it!"

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What does a coach do concretely? Sebastian Widjeskog

Synonyms for coach

  • sports coaches, coaches, instructors, team leaders, leaders, team captains; counselor, advisor, supervisor, development support, PT

Synonyms for do

  • task, work, chores, occupation, trouble, knuckle, job, see

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