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What is the difference between a supervisor and a coach?

What is the difference between a supervisor and a coach?

What is the difference between a supervisor and a coach?

Coach - Supervisor - Mentor

The Coach Association welcomes you to information about Coaching and Supervision. There is guidance and coaching adapted for both personal and professional development. Coaches and supervisors do not work therapeutically with more difficult deep mental states and processes so-called solution-oriented therapy.

Theories and methods are developed

Coaches and supervisors are inspired by new research in organizational and sports psychology and various therapy methods such as CBT. What is coaching and supervision? Coaching and supervision have probably existed in all times when people with different methods supported each other. Coaching and supervision are used both to support personal development but also for development in a workplace. What should you keep in mind when looking for a coach or supervisor? When is it appropriate to seek coaching or guidance and how does it work in practice? We hope to give you answers to your questions.

Coaching guidance and support

Coaching is about guidance and support. By asking questions to reflect on
Coaching can help one or more people's development work. A goal-focused
change work has begun.

Relevant questions:

  • What do you want to change / develop?
  • Where are you at present?
  • What can you imagine changing?
  • What will you do to develop?

The answers to the questions will give you more self-awareness and increase the personal
responsibility for achieving set goals.

The coach does not deliver ready-made solutions and goals, but develops these together with
the client. By asking questions, thought patterns and behaviors can change. The coach is responsible for
the process itself but the tutorial that the coach performs is to get the client to put their own


Person who supports and guides another person in a subject where the supervisor has knowledge.


A mentor shares his experience in an area. Through conversation, the mentor can give
advice and act as a sounding board. Mentorship means inspiring and challenging.

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The supervisor - a key person

Synonyms for supervisor

  • instructor, teacher, supervisor, coach, mentor