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Personal coaching

Personal coaching

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When we talk about personal coaching, we often mean some form of life coaching. Being personally coached in a competent, respectful and developing way is an important turning point in life. Personal coaching can help you gain new perspectives on problems that you may feel stuck in, it can help you find new solutions.

Many areas for personal coaching

Originally, many associated the concept of coaching with sports, but today it occurs in many areas and perspectives such as leadership, leadership, appearances, career, weight loss, phobias, crises, relationships and career. Getting a personal coach means taking outside help, seeing the opportunities it provides to get another person's perspective on their situation.

Choosing your coach

An important part of your personal coaching is of course the coach you choose to hire. Here it is good, for example, to ask for previous references that you can contact and hear how they experienced the coaching with this person. A lot is also about conducting an initial meeting or conversation and trusting your own gut feeling. Maybe you can arrange a first meeting at no cost or at a lower cost to try out how you work together.

Even if you have to pay for the first meeting, it is worth choosing two or three coaches that you can imagine having personal coaching with and having a first meeting with all three. Then you make your choice and choose the person who felt best for you there and then. There are different styles to communicate and to be, so what suits one does not have to suit another.

Finally, about personal coaching

Go in with an open mind and want to see things from new perspectives and you will get much more out of your personal coaching. It is a fantastic development opportunity to develop as a person, leader and employee.

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