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What does a personal coach do? - The Coaching Association

What does a personal coach do? - The Coaching Association

Personal coach

For you who want to develop

If you want to achieve specific goals either in professional or private life, a professional coach can be useful. Personal coaching is a successful method for you who want to develop, change or do something new in life. Coaching can help maximize your personal and professional potential, which leads to increased drive and thus improved results.

You decide for yourself what you want to get out of the coaching

The coach can help the client find motivation, find the answers within themselves and see things with a new clarity, from different perspectives. As a client, you can benefit from coaching to manage personal relationships better, to find your inner drive, to make choices that take you in the right direction, become better at making decisions, etc. You decide what you want to get out of coaching. You may want to discover your dreams or you may want to feel more joy in your life.

For example, what would you do if everything were possible and you could not fail?

Many do not even dare to dream because of the fear of failure. Working with yourself and discovering how you work is a great journey and you can more easily overcome problems and achieve goals you never thought possible.

At meetings with the coach, you get, both through conversations and tests, to explore your inner dreams. Together with the coach, you make a plan and try to find and see what steps you need to take based on your driving forces. This means that you can reach goals you did not even dare to dream of faster than you anticipate.

Personal coaching can be something for you ……

  • if you want to find new paths in life.
  • if you want to break habitual patterns.
  • if you want to change something in your privacy.
  • if you want to achieve new goals in professional life.
  • if you dream of starting your own business.
  • if you want to develop your existing business.
  • if you want to pursue a career in your current profession.


Coaching can help you with the following…

  • Achieve your main and intermediate goals faster.
  • Provide increased self-insight and discover your dreams.
  • Make your thoughts and actions aware.
  • Act in a more constructive way.
  • Structure your life.
  • Find new solutions, paths and opportunities.
  • Challenge yourself to dare more and take new steps in life.

Personal meetings or by phone

Personal coaching can be done either through personal meetings or by phone. Telephone meetings can be efficient and save time, especially for those who have long travel distances. Contact can also be offered via email or Skype. How the contacts take place and how many coaching sessions per month you choose to have can vary and be discussed, however, 2-3 coaching sessions per month are usually considered appropriate. The coach can also ask you to prepare before the coaching conversations by thinking about certain things so that the work flows smoothly.

The coaching conversations usually take between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and there is absolute confidentiality, this according to ICF ethical guidelines. The client decides for himself which things he wants to address and focus on. The first conversation usually takes longer because you then set an overall goal for the conversations.

Together with the coach, you make a plan and evaluate what steps you need to take based on your driving forces. Gradually things start to happen and faster than you think you can reach goals you previously did not even dare to dream about.

In addition to conversations, the coach you meet can also use tests to discover your inner dreams. There may be hidden dreams in the client that only the subconscious knew about.

Sometimes it can be wise to only try and try personal coaching for the first time! Then the coach can tell and explain how he / she works and you may have a shorter conversation so that you can try coaching. The cost of coaching varies greatly, a thousand bucks per call is not uncommon. If you want to make a bigger change in your life, many coaching conversations may be needed, and many coaches offer different packages depending on the client's wishes.

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