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Hur fungerar online Coaching? Funkar det verkligen? - Coachförbundet

Hur fungerar online Coaching? Funkar det verkligen? - Coachförbundet

How does online coaching work? Does it really work?

Online Coaching

Coachförbundets online coaching inleds med 20 minuters Gratis samtal för att få en uppfattning om vem du är, vilka unika egenskaper och förmågor du besitter. I samtalen berättar du också vad du vill förändra.

Boka kostnadsfritt provsamtal

Efter det inledande gratis samtalet gör vi tillsammans upp ett förslag på hur vi går vidare utifrån ditt önskade mål. Det kan handla om att du vill utvecklas i en viss roll som tex arbetstagare, föräldraskap, släppa taget om dålig vana, våga anta nya utmaningar, nå högre potential både själsligt och yrkesmässigt, växa i relationer och förändra livsstil.

Do you want more in life but do not know how or what?

Do you want to develop and grow privately and professionally?

Do you want to take career steps in working life?

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Has your life situation changed that is difficult to adapt to, for example, divorce, parenthood, sick leave or retirement?

Do you want to feel greater joy in life?

You have come to the right place if you answered yes to one or more of the above questions!

The Coach Association also offers Leadership and Life Coaching. Read more here about coaching for managers and project managers.

Coaching online / Online coach

It is important to paint a clear goal picture to strengthen your motivation. Ask two important questions before the coaching starts. What will life look like in 5 years if you live with the mistakes you make now? What will life look like if you work on your problems that move you towards your goal?

When your goal picture is ready based on your answers to the questions, goal posts are set up, with small and large goals. Depending on your goal, goal posts can be set up in different categories such as weight, cm around the waist, time for 10 km running, maximum weight in bench press or specific goals in a sport.

It is easy to become unfocused sometimes and then it is important to have someone who is also interested in and takes responsibility with you in order for you to reach your goal.

As you become stronger and more enduring during the process, planning may need to be changed to be optimal. It is important that the process does not feel heavy or difficult but is always challenging.

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What does online mean?

  • Talk, See each other on the internet via for example skype, whatsapp, facebook messenger