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Mental training with a Mental Coach - Coach Association

Mental training with a Mental Coach - Coach Association

Mental training with a Mental coach

Coaching a fast growing industry

Coaching is a rapidly growing industry and the number of coaches is estimated to be at least 70,000 and is steadily increasing in number. Calculations show that about 88% of all European companies use coaching in various forms. This leads to different methods of implementing coaching being developed and tested so that the development of the industry is moving forward all the time. One of these methods is mental coaching based on the same ideas as the classic coaching, "positive psychology" and "integrated mental training" are two of them. How these are used varies greatly depending on which company is being coached.

Mental training to strengthen people

Mental coaching uses mental training to strengthen the people who take part in the coaching so that they can more easily handle, among other things, tasks and the stress that can come with them. A high workload can also affect life in general and mental training can also reduce the stress that comes with it. Strategies for relaxation and relaxed concentration are two ways to learn to mentally imagine the future so that you can more easily handle things that get in your way. It can be both small things like today's tasks and big things like life goals you have.

By visualizing what you think will happen, you can more easily handle what actually happens by mentally preparing yourself. You are then better protected against unforeseen events.

Through these methods, mental coaching gives the coached stronger self-esteem, better intuition and reduced stress. They can perform better and often even feel better. In addition, coaching allows them to take advantage of their talents and strengthen both memory and concentration. By being prepared for the day to come, they can more easily handle it, which leads to increased creativity and commitment to what is happening.


Coach training that makes you a Certified mental coach

Do you want to make others feel and perform better through mindfulness, mental training and coaching? Read the coach education Diploma Mental Coach.

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Wikipedia information about Mental_training

Mental training Mental training is a method for personal development developed by Lars-Eric Uneståhl. Originally, mental training was developed for sports, where it was observed that the results of even physically fit athletes could vary greatly, even during the same competition. In the early 80s, the first short courses in mental training were arranged at Örebro University, at the same time the interest in mental training outside the world of sports increased, e.g. in health, business and public administration. This led to the creation of a semester-long distance education in 1987. The core of mental training is self-hypnosis, which is used to steer one's subconscious towards the goals one has set oneself.