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Lectures, Inspiration, coaching, business development - Coach Association

Lectures, Inspiration, coaching, business development - Coach Association

Lectures, Inspiration coaching, business development

Classes & Lectures

We offer courses & lectures in coaching, career development, leadership, Talent Management, HR support, outplacement, and change management for individuals and organizations.

Lectures - coaching

The Coach Association offers inspiring lectures. We lecture on personal development, leadership, communication, job satisfaction, motivation and commitment.

Increase motivation

To find and increase motivation, feel job satisfaction and find new goals in the career, a speaker with experience in coaching is worth investing in. By being inspired by a person with knowledge of coaching, you get the opportunity to inspire others.

Lectures on inspiration and motivation strengthen the courage to dare to think in new directions.

Companies may sometimes need to strengthen the motivation and team spirit of managers and employees. A lecture with an experienced coach who has current knowledge of learning for development both at individual and group level. A lecture that is also mixed with time for your own reflections and exercises that provide experiences of something new happening.

Custom lectures

The coaching association adapts lectures to the needs and wishes of the participants.

Lectures that create inspiration and motivation include knowledge about coaching leadership, driving forces - inner strengths, inspiration from the power of thought and how to control that decisions lead to expected results.

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Trailer at Malin Boström's lecture

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  • lectures, oral presentations, speeches, readings; lesson, seminar, teaching

Wikipedia information about Lecture

Lecture A lecture (synonym: lecture) is a longer, structured oral speech in front of a group of listeners, with the intention of presenting information or teaching a specific subject. A politician's speech, a priest's sermon or a businessman's sales presentation can be of a similar nature to a lecture. There are often lectures at conferences. Usually a lecturer is at the front of a room or in the center of attention. The lecturer usually recites information that is important for the content of the lecture. During the Middle Ages, university teachers read directly from the source of origin for the students, who wrote down the lecture. The noun lecture can be traced to the 14th century and comes from the Latin lectus.