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Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching - Develop Your Leadership!

Executive Coaching & Leadership Coaching - Develop Your Leadership!

Leadership coaching & leadership coaching

Reflect on your leadership

Do you want the opportunity to reflect on your leadership and gain new perspectives on the managerial challenges you face in everyday life? Then turn to one of our head coaches.

On three separate occasions, you talk on the phone and you decide for yourself whether you want to focus on a specific challenge or several different topics.

Help in everyday life

Whether you are in a challenging situation or if you want to take your leadership to a new level, the answer can be a conversation with an experienced manager as a sounding board. For example, you can use executive coaching in:

  • A stressful work situation
  • Organisational changes
  • A revised managerial role
  • Need for personal development and leadership development

How does it work?

On three separate occasions, you discuss your challenges with one of our head coaches. You can decide for yourself if you want to focus on only one challenge at a time or if you want to discuss different topics.

We help you find solutions to your challenges but a coaching approach.

Our head coaches have experience that covers many different industries. They have previously held managerial roles in both the public and private sectors at several different levels.

What is the role of a Head Coach?

A head coach provides extra support and nourishment so that you have more stamina when working as a manager. Being a manager is a big responsibility to be able to help your employees and lead a company in a good way. It is important to be able to communicate in a pleasant way with other colleagues. You must feel good both physically and mentally as a manager to be able to share joy in a workplace. To achieve this, you may need the help of a head coach.

Plants have different needs to be able to develop and grow. Some plants need a lot of light and water and other plants need more space. In the same way, we are different as human beings and have different ideas and thoughts. As a manager, you should be able to solve problems and find new ideas for workers and together create a good and safe work environment that is suitable for everyone.

Do you need help as a manager or leader?

It is not easy to be a manager / leader. A head coach can help you see things from a different perspective, come up with new ideas or support in a difficult situation.

A head coach listens, asks and discusses based on the needs of your business and discusses with you so that you find ideas and solutions yourself.

A head coach helps with:

  1. Problem-solving ability
  2. Critical thinking at work (eg in case of difficult decisions)
  3. Creativity (finding new ideas to help others)
  4. The treatment

A large part of managers' role is about communication. Poor communication in the workplace, for example, can negatively affect both individuals and the organization's results. It is therefore important that you as a leader possess the ability to communicate effectively with your employees.

To think of:
What way should one communicate with others and develop through it?

How long does it take?

A head coach is available for you who are a manager / leader and can help with all this.

Leadership coaching

A leadership coach helps you find yourself which is fundamental to being able to lead others! If you lack confidence in yourself, the outside world will also lack that confidence. It will also be a greater challenge to build trust in you as a leader.

If you want to become a better leader, we work to strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem so that you can be the leader that others follow. But even if you get to know yourself, you can also more easily find similarities in the people who are in your everyday life and get to know them better thanks to increased self-understanding.

With this tool, you can understand and position your staff so that they can perform the tasks they are supposed to perform with less transparency from you as a leader and they can perform better on their own. This allows you to spend less power doing the tasks you delegated and more power leading them to do a better job with the chores they have.

As a leader, you will have to show competence so that others can trust what you do and say, otherwise uncertainty is created among the staff, so if you are clear and confident, your staff trusts you and follows your initiatives. You must endure accepting the insecurities of others without wavering and showing the way to knowledge and self-confidence. We help you show it and yet we try to make you feel it. We can also help you with any stage fright or general uncertainty during presentations.

So how do you choose if you need a leadership coach and which one to hire.
If you or your employee does not reach the goals you are looking for, it can be a good idea to hire a coach and what you should think about then is first what your goals are with the coaching and what you have to gain from any coaching. You should also keep in mind that you are willing to take the step of being coached as it requires a certain initiative from you or your employee if you are capable of doing as you are told. As I said, if you are not willing to take the bull by the horns, nothing will change.

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Synonyms for manager

  1. leader, boss, boss, foreman, supervisor, chief, superior, director, director, CEO, gd, manager, employer, manager, employer

Synonyms for leadership

  1. management, leadership, management; rule, control, command, power, command, oversight, management, care, direction

Wikipedia information about Chef

Manager A manager is a person who leads a group or a business. Leadership can include decision-making, dissemination and retrieval of information, governance, follow-up, salary setting and budget work. The manager represents the employer in the daily work and towards the employees. But the boss is himself an employee compared to his senior boss. The manager must ensure that the ongoing work is carried out. This also includes work environment work and it is the employer who is responsible for the work environment. The manager's most important task is to lead and distribute the work so that the employees can perform the tasks required for the business to be able to achieve its goals. Managers and employers need knowledge to be able to carry out their assignment, including responsibilities in work environment work and collaboration in work environment issues.