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ICC Accredited Diploma in Coaching - Coachförbundet

ICC Accredited Diploma in Coaching - Coachförbundet

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Certify through an international organization

It can be difficult to choose education among all those in Sweden today. There are many coaching companies that have started national own certification organizations that look serious but they do not meet the requirements. Customers are misled into believing that it is an international organization.

For a safe good education in coaching, you should therefore choose one where you are certified through an international organization. ICC, EMCC and ICF are the largest.

ICC (International Coaching Community)

One of the major professional member organizations for coaches in the world is the ICC (International Coaching Community) with over 12,000 certified coaches in 60 countries and 5 continents. It was founded and registered as a non-profit company in 2001 in London by Andrea Lages and Joseph O'Connor. The organization maintains high-quality content quality with clear ethical rules and clear educational goals. Lambent International Training Coaching Certification is the only training ICC certifies. The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) awarded this training in 2010 a European Quality Award (EQA), so the requirements for ACC Portofolio in the International Coach Federation (ICF) are met.

To become an internationally certified coach, Lambent Coaching Certification is the only education in the world that meets the requirements of the coaching organizations EMCC and ICC.

The three organizations mentioned are all equally high in terms of ethical guidelines for coaching standards. The ICC is distinguished by the dedicated development of the profession at all levels and with high quality for a successful career in coaching and includes Life, Business, Team and Executive Coaching.

Through a network of certified ICC coaches in 60 different countries, you can train with Lambent. Then you can have the opportunity to build networks with professional coaches who share your vision, language, values ​​and ethics in coaching. Lambent develops professional coaching as a profession.

Priced method
Lambent Coaching's acclaimed method for integrating development and the most important models of coaching is approved by the ICC.

Benefits of our education
It is unique to have the opportunity to become certified through both the ICC and the EMCC

What are the different organizations' requirements for certification?
ICF certification and benefits
1: coach training (diplomatic training) 60 hours
2: mentor coaching10 hours for at least three months (requirements an ACC is a mentor)
3: coach 100 hours of which 75 hours the client bears the cost
4: letter of recommendation from 2 qualified coaches
5: an examiner should be coached by you for about 30 minutes by phone
6: membership fee is paid every year
7: The ACC certificate is valid for 3 years
8: the certificate can be renewed and then you are required to report 10 hours of mentor coaching and 40 hours of coaching
9: market yourself ICF's website and use their logo for personal use

ICC certification and benefits

1: documented coach-specific coach training 60 hours
2: practice specific skills in coaching 10 hours under the supervision of a qualified ICC trainer
3: written test approved by a qualified ICC coach4: up coaching of approved by a qualified ICC coach5: examination of certification projects after the training approved by a qualified ICC coach
6: book projects must be reported and approved by an examiner who is a qualified ICC trainer
7: own coaching project with personal development as a focus, examiner is a qualified ICC coach
8: approved project 10 hours own coaching of two people according to ICC template takes place evaluation of the client
9: Lifelong membership is included in the training fee and you can promote yourself on ICC's Community page

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