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What does a health coach do? - The Coaching Association

What does a health coach do? - The Coaching Association

What does a health coach do?

Health coaches inspire and guide individuals to a healthier lifestyle

Health coaching is used for various types of health-related lifestyle changes. Anyone who has decided to change their lifestyle can receive guidance and support along the way. The health coach inspires people to a healthier way of life.

The health coach provides support for those who:

  • want to eat healthier
  • wants to improve health and increase well-being
  • want to change lifestyle or implement other change in life
  • want to quit smoking
  • want to reduce stress and achieve balance in life
  • want to create good sleeping habits
  • want to find good ways for recovery
  • want to exercise more
  • wants to develop and grow as a human being

For companies

Business leaders hire health coaches to help their employees lead a better lifestyle. At pharmacies, there may be health coaches who not only possess knowledge of medicines but can also guide the customer in the direction of better habits.

Wants to develop as a person

Many can benefit from a coach. It may be enough that you would like to feel better, feel that you have more to give, want to know exactly what you want or how to choose and prioritize. The coach starts by finding out what your lifestyle and life situation looks like right now and whether you are devoting your time to what is really important to you. You may want something more out of life, career or training, you may want to develop as a person.

The coach works out with you what the goals should look like and provides support in achieving the goals and in making any decisions that you may face. It shows what you can influence and change in your life through your own thoughts, actions and decisions. The conversations with the coach are based on a solution-oriented approach that can help you become aware of and develop your own opportunities, talents and potential. The coach does not come with ready-made advice or answers, but you get help to find the answers within yourself.

Coaching can be seen as a tool that can give you the help you need to find what you deep down already know that you need, should do or have success with to feel good.

When coaching, you always work with the goal in mind and you count on your will for the project to be successful. Together with the coach, the goal is determined which gives you inspiration and agrees with your fundamental values.

Based on the whole

A health coach acts on the basis that the whole is the most central, usually there are a number of different factors to take into account when it comes to health and well-being. Such factors can be sleep, stress, diet and social factors. Our attitude towards ourselves and the world around us can also affect how we feel.

The health coach is based on the level at which the individual is and guides the client in the right direction. The client receives support to implement the necessary changes required to achieve a healthier life. The coach's main approach is to ask questions, listen and observe. We strive to point out and develop the strong, healthy and positive in the client.

Inspire and guide patients towards better health

In the United States, doctors hire health coaches who are tasked with inspiring and guiding patients toward better health. Doctors are busy diagnosing and treating, and do not have time to work preventively. The ideal would be to work towards health instead of away from illness. Many would probably benefit from having their own health coach, someone who helps us towards healthier habits.

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Health coach online

Strengthen your health and feel better in everyday life. Book your own health coach that you meet on your mobile or tablet.

Synonyms for health

  • health, freshness, health, physical well-being, strength, vigor, fitness, strength, vitality

Wikipedia information about Health

Hälsa Se även hälsning, hälsa (spel) och Hälsa (tidning) 'Ohälsa' omdirigerar hit. Se även sjukdom.Hälsa är ett begrepp som kan definieras på många olika sätt. Enligt världshälsoorganisationens (WHO) definition från 1948, som är den mest använda, är hälsa "ett tillstånd av fullständigt fysiskt, psykiskt och socialt välbefinnande, inte endast frånvaro av sjukdom och funktionsnedsättning.", ("Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of illness or infirmity"). Den svenska myndigheten Sidas (styrelsen för internationellt utvecklingssamarbete) använder sig av WHO:s definition. Nationella folkhälsokommittén i Sverige definierar hälsobefrämjande arbete som "... den process som ger människor möjlighet att öka kontrollen över sin hälsa och befrämja den. /.../ För att detta ska kunna uppfyllas måste människan ges förutsättningar att kunna påverka de faktorer som kan begränsa dessa möjligheter /.../ den process som hjälper människor att uppleva en känsla av sammanhang liksom ett fysiskt, psykiskt och socialt välbefinnande". Enligt Nationella Folkhälsokommittén är stress och belastning, socialt stöd och nätverk, arbetssituation, självförtroende, förmåga att ha kontroll över sin tillvaro, hopp samt framtidstro faktorer som kan påverka hälsan.