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Grow - this is how the grow model works in coaching - the Coaching Association

Grow - this is how the grow model works in coaching - the Coaching Association

Grow - this is how the grow model in coaching works

GROW models

The GROW model is a tool that can be used to structure the conversation and provide a clear template of questions to follow. Structuring the conversation helps to keep the conversation going and move it forward. It also prevents you from disappearing into unrelated tracks. Here are three of the variants of the GROW model.

GROW Grow is an English word meaning to grow. The purpose of coaching is precisely to help the client grow and utilize their capacity better. A model that is often used in connection with coaching is GROW.

G Goal (Goal) Set goals for the conversation and in the long run
R Reality (Reality / current situation) Explore the current situation
O Options (Choice) Alternative strategies
W When, Whom, Will (When, who, will) Timing, needs description and motivation

Max Landsberg later submitted his interpretation of the GROW model based on the fact that the coach started the conversation with a long-term goal and then summarized it all.

Goal Goal Goals with the conversation and the long-term goal.
Reality Reality Self-evaluation, others' views on the coached, control of assumptions
Options Ability Brainstorm for options, come up with suggestions, action
Wrap up Summary Positive action plan, identify obstacles, next steps, set time limit, agree on support

Alan Fine later introduced his version with the premise that the model is something that describes human development. This is done through critical steps where we meet various challenges that are important to deal with. In this version of the GROW model, he focuses on the mistakes that are most commonly made during the steps in the development process.

Goal Goal We go nowhere or solve the wrong problem
Reality Reality We do not know what reality is
Options Possibility The possibilities are too few to create the bridge between goal and reality
Way Forward The way ahead The next step is unclear or we do not feel compelled to implement it.


The TGROW model was introduced by Myley's Downey and it is similar to Whitmore's and Landsberg's variants of GROW. The coaching conversation begins with the coachee deciding the topic on which he or she wants to be coached and then a goal for the conversation. The current situation then comes in, the options and finally the summary.

Topic Subject "What do you want to bring up today?"
Goal Goal "What's the point of this conversation?"
Reality Reality / current situation "Can you describe the current situation?"
Options Possibility "What are your options? What are the options?"
Wrap up Summary "What are you doing with this? What's the next step?"

Use of the models

The GROW model can be used in different ways and the different ways of use can go into each other depending on the conversation methodology. There are also different composite variants where the SMART model is also included, but the layouts usually have these common features:

  1. Desired situation or goal
  2. Current situation
  3. Possibility
  4. Summary

Source wikipedia

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