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What is Group Coaching? - The Coaching Association

What is Group Coaching? - The Coaching Association

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching

In group coaching, the coach works to help an entire group to develop towards a common goal based on the group's resources. As with individual coaching, the coach does not provide ready-made solutions, but it is the group itself that must find the answers. The group works together to overcome the group's obstacles and reach the goal with the help of the group's resources.

Increased understanding of each other

Group coaching provides an increased understanding of each other and thus a better work climate, higher efficiency and higher profitability.

With group coaching, you get individuals to collaborate, help each other and feel joy. When the group functions as it should, it becomes more efficient and contributes to achieving the company's overall goals. Higher profitability is just one of many effects.

The group may consist of managers, e.g. a management team, or employees from the same workplace.

How does the work in the group work

We clarify the current situation, ie see how the work in the group works and is experienced. We illuminate the situation with questions, reflections, summaries and challenges so that everyone becomes aware of the group's and individuals' behaviors. We look at consequences and alternative approaches and get the group to develop towards accepted goals. In most cases, we also coach the group's participants individually.

It is, of course, the group's goals and needs that guide the coaching process. If necessary, we use personality tests with analysis of conflict behaviors and leadership development.

In group coaching, the focus is on the group and not on the individual. You could almost say that the whole group is a single individual.

It is advisable to use group coaching when:

  • a new project, company or business must be started.
  • an existing group wants to develop as a group.
  • an existing group is stuck, and needs help finding and working towards a common goal.
  • an existing group wants to move forward in group development after having had and resolving a conflict in the group.
  • an existing group that has no common goal and needs to work on group relations.

Coaching or coaching?

You can use both coaching and coaching. There is no real law that says which is correct. The Language Council, Institute for Language and Folk Memory, recommends that you use coaching as it fits better into the grammatical rules. When you make nouns into verbs, it is usually done with -ning, for example running becomes running. It therefore becomes natural for a coach to become a coach.

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Synonyms for group

  • collection, cluster, hop, flock, crowd, leash, gang; grouping, fraction, class, category, species, type, kind, party, circle, constellation, block; department, section, rote, contingent, corps, troop, phalanx; work team, team; company, cottery, junta; group, consortium, association