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Different types of coaching and coaches

Different types of coaching and coaches

Different types of coaching and coaches

Different types of coaches

Coaching is an excellent way you can use yourself to create new thoughts, ideas and move forward in your personal development towards your goals. It is you who chooses what you want to be coached about, in which part of life you want to focus on.

Coaching really helps you who want to take responsibility for your own development. Then it is a perfect tool. Read more about what coaching is here.

Life coaching

Life includes both work and leisure, life coaching usually refers to what is outside of work but can refer to "everything". You want to have better self-esteem. You want better relationships. You want to be better at dealing with stress and anxiety. You want a better balance between work and leisure. You want to work more efficiently.

Training coaching

You can hear for yourself what this coach is working on. You will get better in your own training or reach new goals in your sport. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can of course use a training coach.

Career coaching

A career coach works to strengthen you in your working life or if you run your own company. Now it is career and job that are in focus. If you want to move up and advance in your career, this is a coach who can help you along the way.

Start your own coaching

This is a coach who will help you when you start your own business. There is a lot to think about in starting a company and there are definitely some pitfalls to end up in. Starting your own coach leads you in starting your new business.

Leadership coaching

This is a classic form of coaching. If you want to be a better leader, you are looking for a leadership coach. Of course, it is not just a training for managers but you have the great benefit of going this type of coaching no matter what your position in your company. There is both personal leadership and also leadership where you should lead others.


This is coaching for you who want to be a better manager or you are new as a manager and need support in the beginning. A good form of coaching when you want to be able to get a better view of you and your managerial role.

Executive coaching

This is another form of executive coaching. This form of coaching is aimed at organizations and the target audience is often those who sit at the top of companies.

Business coaching

Here the focus is on entrepreneurship and creating more - as well as better business. You want to make your business thrive. This type of coaching is available from the smallest companies all the way up to really large global companies. Do not hesitate to seek help when you are a small business. You can get many great insights on how to grow and create better business.

Project coaching

This type of coaching is aimed at project managers, project participants or project groups to make the project work work better. You want a better flow in parts or in whole projects. This type of coaching is growing nowadays.

This was part of all the coaches that exist nowadays to help you move forward and strengthen you and your thoughts on how to reach your goals.