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Couple and relationship coaching - Guiding couple talks

Couple and relationship coaching - Guiding couple talks

Couple and relationship coaching - Guiding couple talks

Strengthen and develop a couple relationship

ParCoaching is developed to strengthen and develop a couple relationship. It can be about a love or friendship relationship and how to focus on the future. Sometimes it is difficult to understand another person's thoughts and behavior. ParCoaching is based on strengthening the individual's strengths and on what works in the relationship. This leads to improved communication between the couple which in turn leads to a stronger relationship. The future and development of the relationship is what ParCoaching focuses on.

Emphasizes what works between the couple

Pair coaching emphasizes what works between the couple and what they want to change and succeed with. To create respect and understanding for each other, coaching focuses on exchanging conflicts for constructive dialogue, which leads to greater knowledge of each other. The relationship can then be built on valuable knowledge about the individuals' dreams of the common future.

Our coaches, therapists and behavioral scientists are certified and work on the basis of proven methods and tools that are linked to ParCoaching. The customer is guaranteed to be satisfied with the coach's commitment, competence and ethical approach. We follow guidelines for professional standards and ethics established by IFC.

Resolving and processing conflicts in a relationship based on friendship or love can be difficult. In a relationship, it is difficult to know how to relate to each other. A difficult challenge where ParCoaching gives the opportunity to practice communication based on truth and respect. It leads to you growing together and having an in-depth relationship that rests on love and understanding.

Challenges the couple are faced with during ParCoaching are to clearly convey what they think and want while at the same time meeting their partner's will without attacking or going on the defensive.

When is the time to apply for ParCoaching?

There are various reasons to seek help to solve a problematic relationship together. Constant quarrels, lack of closeness, energy-intensive and the feeling of constantly ending up in a dead end. Changed life situation such as become parents or are forced to live apart due to. of work. ParCoaching is a good tool for achieving a healthier relationship.

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Relationship coaching

Regardless of whether you have been in a relationship for a long time or have just met and are newly in love, you can get caught up in negative patterns that disrupt the relationship.

Guidance when the relationship ends.

We can offer help and support to end your relationship in a dignified and respectful way. You both get help with how you can both act for a good ending. If there are children in the relationship, you get good tools to become safe parents after the separation.

In relationship coaching, you get new approaches to your relationship. To strengthen your ties, we give you tools to deepen the relationship.

Develop a relationship - love couples, siblings, parents / children, friendship couples.

It's easy to get caught up in what's been. Knead what went wrong and whose fault it was. ParCoaching gives you the opportunity to find how to make it work in reality as you want in the relationship. You get help to set goals and go from thought to action.


We offer coaching for couples. This means that on a few occasions we meet you together. An advantage to get both the female and male perspective is that we coaches ourselves are a couple with our knowledge and experience.

We start with where you are in the relationship and what you want to change. What should your common future relationship look like? We put together which parts you need to work on and how we work with them. We can e.g. meet three times but you do not commit to anything but can go home and think so that it feels right from the beginning.

You set your goals for what you want to achieve with the coaching and you get support and help from us to get there.

To achieve good lasting results, we move forward slowly. We meet at least two or three times every 2-6 weeks. It takes time to make fundamental changes in the way you socialize. You get tasks to work with on your own between meetings. The tasks and training on your own are combined with conversations and exercises. We start from your needs, coach you forward.

Couple and relationship coach training

We have many years of experience in training in couple and relationship coaching. The training is based on the guidelines that the ICF (International Coach Federation) has set for coaches. We also teach according to ICF's ethical guidelines and the core competencies that ICF believes a coach should possess.

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Couple and relationship coaching
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Build trust and confidence in relationships

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Wikipedia information about Social relation

Social relation En social relation, eller ett mellanmänskligt förhållande, är inom samhällsvetenskap och beteendevetenskap det utbyte som finns mellan två eller flera parter, eller mellan grupper av personer. Dessa relationer kan vara baserade på känslor som kärlek och sympati, vanliga affärsförhållanden, eller någon annan typ av sociala engagemang. Sociala relationer kan förekomma i en mängd olika sammanhang, till exempel i en familj, mellan vänner, giftermål, bekanta, arbete, föreningar, grannskap och religiösa församlingar. De kan vara reglerade i lagen, genom sociala normer eller samhället som helhet. Även om människor i grunden är sociala varelser så är inte alltid sociala relationer nyttiga. Exempel på onyttiga förhållanden är våld i nära relationer och sexmissbruk. En social relation ses normalt som en koppling mellan två individer, som ett romantiskt eller intimt förhållande, eller ett förälder-barnförhållande. Individer kan också ha relationer med grupper av människor, till exempel relationen mellan en präst och hans församling, en farbror och en familj, eller en borgmästare och en stad. Till sist kan också grupper och även länder ha relationer med varandra, men det är ett mycket bredare fält än vad som täcks av social relation. De flesta vetenskapliga arbeten om relationer fokuserar på romantiska förhållanden i par. Dessa intima förhållanden är dock bara en liten del av alla sociala relationer. Alla relationer innefattar någon nivå av självständighet. Personer i ett förhållande tenderar påverka varandra, dela deras tankar och känslor, samt delta i aktiviteter tillsammans. På grund av detta ömsesidiga beroende kommer något som förändrar eller påverkar en medlem i relationen i någon grad också påverka den andra medlemmen. Studier av sociala relationer är en del av flera vetenskapliga grenar inom samhällsvetenskap, inklusive sociologi, psykologi, antropologi och socialt arbete.