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Coaching for private individuals - The Coaching Association

Coaching for private individuals - The Coaching Association

Coaching for private individuals - The Coaching Association

Coaches with cutting-edge skills

Sweden's best coaches can be found at the Coaching Association. The coaches have specialist competence and are active all over the country. We can coach you when you are looking for change in life such as. change destructive behavior, reach a set goal, change careers or perhaps change your relationship with your partner. The coaches have the cutting-edge knowledge to advise and help you take the steps you need for change.

It is easy to follow the same path and lose joy and motivation. You feel that you want something else to move on in life but do not know what to do. Then a coach can be what is needed to set goals beyond major life issues and everyday challenges.

Questions to ask

How can I reduce the stress in my life and still have time for everything I want to achieve?

How can I improve my private and work-related relationships?

How can I achieve a balance between family life and work life?

A coach helps you find the potential you have and challenges you to take different steps in your personal development or career. You will become more aware of your feelings, thoughts, values ​​and abilities that lead to increased creativity, better communication and your behavior will give a more independent and happier life.

The goal of coaching is to find your full strength. With fun tools, we set clear inspiring goals that are followed up at the end of the coaching. You will succeed both in your private life and in your career.

We offer PRIVATE coaching in these areas:

Life coaching

Addiction and abuse

Sports coaching

Couple and relationship coaching

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