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What does a school coach do? - The Coaching Association

What does a school coach do? - The Coaching Association

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School coaching and teacher guidance

A school coach works with coaching and supervision in the school and with educating and coaching school leaders and teachers as well as other educators and students.

The Coaching Association's school coaching

The Coaching Association offers school coaches for teachers and students. Coaching is always voluntary and the client and coach work together towards clearly set goals.

The coach, who is a professional and has undergone an accredited training in coaching, becomes a resource in the school that helps with motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem, performance requirements and future prospects. Together, the student's / teacher's talents and potential for development are found. Coaching is related to the curriculum.

Ethical guidelines

The Coaching Association follows the ICF's (International Coach Federation) core competencies and ethical guidelines.

The Coaches' Association trains and diplomas school coaches who clarify the school coach's tasks and make it easy for the employer to take advantage of the valuable resource. Together, the student and the coach explore what thoughts, dreams and strengths the student has. The student gets knowledge about himself and which path he should choose. The school coach will be an extra asset and security for the student alongside other staff at the school. A coach should not be confused with a caretaker, break guard, assistant or other resource staff. However, it is important that the coach is in the forums where it is beneficial to get to know the individuals and groups that are to be coached.

Information for school coach

-As a trained coach follow ICF's core competencies and ethical rules.

-Coach students, teachers towards individual goals and groups towards common.

-Be a complement to the school staff and be easily accessible to everyone.

-Have a positive, open and neutral approach to the environment and those who are to be coached.

A coach usually does not work during the summer.

The Coaching Association's Teacher's Guide

The teaching profession is constantly evolving. It challenges and demands a lot of you as a teacher. To get a better opportunity to take control of the situation that it means to be both a leader and part of a group of students, supervision can be a way to go. The Coaching Association offers tutors who can coach you to understand your personal goals, your way of reacting and how you treat your students.

A coach can help you find tools to help you make the right decision and succeed in your role as a teacher. When you take control of your professional development with supervision, you will feel greater satisfaction and more easily achieve your set goals.


Communicating with oneself and others is the starting point in the guidance, which is also a form of communication. The supervisor works to show how different types of communication work or do not work. In practical exercises, new behavioral patterns and ways of thinking can be elucidated. You will have new tools to be able to communicate better in your professional role.

Tutorial time

The supervision time  varies depending on the help you need. The guidance is based on yourself and your professional knowledge. You and the coach make a plan based on your conditions and needs and to arrange your thoughts and goals.

The process takes different lengths of time, but six months is reasonable for many.

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Synonyms for tutorial

  • help, guidance, advice, teaching, instruction, instruction; textbook, manual, manual, user manual

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  • subst.
  • educational institution, educational institution, university, study, primary school, high school, folk high school, educational institution, lyceum; school building, schoolhouse; schooling, teaching, education
  • direction, doctrine, mindset

Wikipedia information about School

Skola Skola är en institution där elever, eller studerande, under ledning av lärare kan tillägna sig utbildning. Praktiskt taget alla länder har egna skolväsen där den grundläggande utbildningen ofta är omkring nio år, därefter gymnasium och därefter universitet och högskolor. På lägre nivåer är skolinstitutionerna reglerade så att anpassade lokaler, utbildad personal, olika former av skolplikt, pedagogik, metodik och ämnesinnehåll tillsammans skall klara av att förmedla den kunskap, kultur, information och de färdigheter som respektive lands befolkning anser vara av vikt för de blivande myndiga medborgarna. Institutionen har funktionen massmedium. och består ifall den är statlig av ett påbud från allmänheten. Påbudet är som regel stadfäst i en skollag. Skolledning är ett begrepp som används för att beskriva de som har det yttersta ansvaret för en skolas verksamhet. Skolans rektor har ledningsansvar för en skolenhet. Endast en rektor per skolenhet får kallas rektor. En rektor kan dock vara rektor för flera skolenheter. Det viktiga är att varje skolenhet leds av en enda rektor och att det är tydligt vem som har ansvar för ledningen och samordningen av det pedagogiska arbetet på skolenheten. Varje skola ska ha en rektor. Begreppet "skolenhet" syftar på skolan i fysisk mening, alltså de byggnader och lokaler där huvudmannen bedriver sin verksamhet.