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Coaching - agreement

Coaching - agreement

Coaching - agreement

Things to keep in mind when writing a contract as a coach:

The coaching should aim to help the client achieve their goals faster and more effectively. It is a goal-oriented process where you, together with the coach, look at what needs to be made aware and changed in order for the client to get from the current situation to a desired situation.

You work unconditionally and the meetings are designed in accordance with the client's wishes and goals. Sometimes you have to start by setting intermediate goals. The coach is responsible for the process in the meetings and the client is responsible for the content and which topics to discuss.

The client is expected to prepare for each meeting and also to propose and undertake some tasks between the meetings. This is to achieve the goal of coaching.

The coaching shall contribute to the client himself discovering and identifying approaches that lead to the desired goal. The coach asks questions, gives feedback and shares his observations, but the client is responsible for his success and can not expect to receive ready-made answers or advice. The coach only acts as an active support on the road.

Some of the coach's questions may be perceived as provocative and challenging, but this is a way to get the client to think in new directions and create insights. It is very helpful if the client dares to be open about their situation. Sincerity and openness from both parties is what one strives for.

The coach is completely focused on the client and his development and wants to help him discover obstacles that may be on the way to the goal. It can be about making the client aware of inhibitory thought patterns or actions. The client receives support and encouragement to overcome resistance and to make the changes that may be needed. Proposals for changes should preferably be initiated by the client himself.

The collaboration is based on meeting approximately every other week for a period that the client and the coach decide together. Each session takes 1.5 hours, but the coach can also be contacted between meetings to answer any questions or for reconciliation. Evaluation takes place jointly and continuously at the meetings and the client gets something to work on and think about before the next meeting.

All meetings are strictly confidential. The coach keeps secret who is the customer and has an absolute duty of confidentiality regarding the content of the meetings. This duty of confidentiality continues to apply even after the coaching is completed. In addition, ethical guidelines developed by the ICF (International Coach Federation) which are communicated on request are taken into account.

In order to ensure the quality of the work and obtain an international certification, the coach of the aforementioned industry organization may need to provide information about the client's name, e-mail address and telephone number. With the client's signature, this procedure is approved.

Synonyms for agreement

  • agreement, settlement, treaty, covenant, treaty, contract, deal, promise