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Diploma or certification, what is the difference? - The Coaching Association

Diploma or certification, what is the difference? - The Coaching Association

Diploma or certification, what is the difference?

Certification of individual coaches

ICF (International Coach Federation) and EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) are in the Swedish market party-independent organizations in the industry for certification of individual coaches and approval of training. The most significant organization is ICF, which also offers incentives for further development from AssociateCertified Coach (ACC), over Professional CertifiedCoach (PCC, many years of education and training), to Master Certified Coach (MCC).

Individual educational organizations such as ICC (which is the most common in Sweden) uses certifications that do not correspond to a certification at ICF or EMCC.

As a certified coach, you help people find their goals and visions. Coaching means that few people help themselves to perform and feel better.

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Synonyms for Certification

  • provide certificates, quality mark; certify the quality, approve, verify, authorize

Synonyms for education

  • teaching, training, knowledge training, training, studies; school substantiation, prior knowledge

Wikipedia information about Certification

Certification Certification is a standardized test, for the issuance of a certificate or certificate, which may include a license, diploma or professional ID. The certification can be performed by a body, a legal or natural person who declares in writing that the contents of a document correspond to reality. Certification can be performed for personal knowledge or skills, or for products, organizations or institutions.