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Effective career guidance and career development - Coachförbundet

Effective career guidance and career development - Coachförbundet

Effective career guidance and career development

Career development

Career development more important than salary. Staff often have poor control over what development opportunities there are at the company, shows a new survey from LinkedIn.

Coaching career development

The Coaching Association offers individualized career guidance. If your company needs to reduce its workforce or make certain re-prioritisations but wants to retain the skills that the employee possesses, tools and support are needed to find new opportunities for career development. Individualized career development is a good way to find new paths in working life.

Security, motivation and job satisfaction at work are a prerequisite for people to do their absolute best and perform at a high level. The company benefits from the fact that all employees and managers perform optimally.

The Coaching Association bases its support for career development on strengthening its own self-image to create security in moving on with new tasks or looking for a new interesting job.

Personal career development

Adapting a career development to an individual is a process with different steps.

To get the best results for each individual, a first step is taken with personal tests and mapping of personality, competence and which career goals are to be set. Based on the results, a personal plan is drawn up together with a competent certified coach. With respect and care, the participant is accompanied to an individually winning concept for career development where great emphasis is placed on the preparation of the CV and how an interview situation is handled in the best way. It is important that the participant's own wishes about how the process should be set up are taken into account and

that it is possible to work independently between the meetings with different tasks and tests.

Content in personal career development

The participant receives help and support with:

  • to map their personality, skills and interests
  • to establish an action plan for personal career goals
  • to establish two job search plans
  • to train for interview situations

After the various steps in the personal career development, a follow-up takes place.

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Wikipedia information about Career

Career Career is a person's development in working life. Making a career can mean different things, such as coping with more specialized and difficult tasks (functional career) coping with more and more different types of tasks (expanding career) By career you often mean advancing in your workplace and your position to reach higher salary and more responsibility. Careers are often linked to education and skills development. Changing jobs is another common way to advance in your career.