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What does a career coach do? Train to be a career coach

What does a career coach do? Train to be a career coach

What does a career coach do?

Coach a career

Do you need to change and speed up your career? Do you find it difficult to get your thoughts structured into goals suitable for your development to a better career?

We at Coach Förbundet can offer you guidance via our coaches to help you find the right strategy for your career.

Help for a meaningful and successful career

Together we make a plan with clear goals. We explore who you are, what values, strengths and
potential you have, how you want to feel and which path is the best for you to reach your goals.
Maybe the following statement agrees with you?

  • Need a change in mine because my job does not bring out the best in my capacity.
  • Want to feel greater meaning and purpose with my life.
  • I want to explore my potential to understand what career I can pursue.
  • Do not know how to start changing. New job, start your own but do not know what.

If you answered yes, you are ready to change the direction of your career. It is important to feel job satisfaction
and motivation in their work. Find out in depth what you want and how you can get there.
We at Inre Hälsa help you to methodically get structure on the ideas you have about future careers. You get
help and support to find new challenges and dare even what you do not have experience of.

Personal coaching

There is an opportunity for you to get a Personal Coach that provides energy and help to put
set new goals that allow you to develop and take new steps in your career.
Meet a career coach and tell us about your ideas and what you may need for support and help.
There are different package solutions you can choose from or you can customize your own package based on your own
needs. It can be about taking an inventory of yourself, planning your career and practicing interviewing.

In coaching, you get support, advice and suggestions with:

- to develop your self-awareness and strengthen your self-esteem - self-inventory
- to describe your next step in working life - career planning
- to learn how to present yourself and what you have to offer - personal marketing

Career interview

You can contact a career coach for short advisory conversations. The call takes about 20 minutes and
can process your thoughts on your professional development, job search or career opportunities.

You choose what the conversation should contain and the coach can challenge you to think in new directions, give advice and answer questions from a perspective seen from the outside. You can easily book a call online.

Examples of questions you can get answers to:

  • How do I get where I want to go with my job and career?
  • Want to quit my current job how do I do?
  • Is the job I was offered right for me?
  • Which specialization in the studies should I choose?
  • How do I explain in my CV a few years' absence from the labor market?
  • How do I describe the strengths I have?
  • Prepare development and salary talks
  • Write a CV and personal letter showing who you are and why you are the right person for the job.
  • You can create an interesting profile on Linkedln.
  • Prepare by training yourself for the interview situation.
  • Learn to find the hidden jobs.
  • Coaching in your role as a manager.

Certified career coach training

We have many years of experience in training in career coaching. Our self-developed model is a cornerstone of many of our courses. The focus of our educations is practical and effective tools. When you train at Career Coaching Academy you invest in an education that adds concrete added value to your competence profile and strengthens your competitiveness as a self-employed person, manager and employee in the labor market of the future. We often and happily tailor training to our customers.

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Synonyms for career

  • career, career, occupation; transportation route, transportation route; advancement, success, promotion; make a career rise in the ranks, advance, go far

Wikipedia information about Career

Career Career is a person's development in working life. Making a career can mean different things, such as coping with more specialized and difficult tasks (functional career) coping with more and more different types of tasks (expanding career) By career you often mean advancing in your workplace and your position to reach higher salary and more responsibility. Careers are often linked to education and skills development. Changing jobs is another common way to advance in your career.