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What does a business coach do? - The Coaching Association

What does a business coach do? - The Coaching Association

What does a business coach do?

Helps leaders and managers

A business coach can help leaders and managers change and elevate both themselves and the entire business. It can be your best investment both in terms of career and business.

Anyone who wants to develop as a leader can retain business coaching, including people without direct managerial positions or personnel responsibilities. You may want to get better at getting people excited and getting others involved.

Help keep focus

You may need help to maintain focus so that you do not deviate from the set plan and with handling frequently occurring difficult decisions. Stress is common among leaders as there are excessive demands on a leader. It often happens that managers themselves have even higher demands on themselves than those around them. In that case, it may be the coach's task to get the client to look at things from the outside and think about what others would have done in his / her place. Then you get to work with the client's interior and his / her perception of reality and self.

Anxiety to fail

Many high-performing people are driven by a fear of failure and may even be afraid to stop being anxious because then you may risk performing worse. However, this is a wrong idea, because the truth is that you perform at least as well if not better with joy!

Pressured situations

Research shows that we block the brain in fear and in stressful situations. Our unique brain simply works better when we feel safe and well. The coach entices the client to get in touch with his best sides and be able to use his full intelligence and potential.

You may want to increase your energy or learn to put energy into the right things. Prioritizing things in the right order is also important; Many people tend to choose the easiest and most fun task first because it requires the least energy. However, it is smarter to start with the most difficult tasks so that you have energy for the easy and fun things.

Inspiration and motivation

Some leaders may have difficulty with perseverance and a business coach may offer inspiration and motivation to create energy throughout the process. Otherwise, the result is easy that you do not always finish but run on to the next fun exciting project. The leader must persevere so that the entire organization can keep up.

People have a tendency to do the same things over and over again and in the same way. A business coach looks at you and can make you observant of inadequate behavior or thought patterns. Things may need to be turned upside down and seen from new different perspectives. You may need to look in completely new places.

Make you grow and develop

Business coaching can make you grow and develop in several ways. Leaders are trained to be present in their body and emotionally intelligent at work. The coach focuses a lot on emotions and wants to find out what you feel in different situations and where in the body you feel it. You want the real feelings and not instinctive reptile feelings which are based on survival and which are based on fear. You get to learn to take control of the emotions.

Business coaching can help your business or career in the right direction or help a team become a winner.

Business coach training

We have many years of experience in training in business coaching. Our self-developed model is a cornerstone of many of our courses. The focus of our educations is practical and effective tools. When you train at business coaching academy you invest in an education that adds concrete added value to your competence profile. We often and happily tailor training to our customers.

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