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About Us

About Us

Online Coach, PT-Coach, Life Coach

The Coaching Association helps individuals and organizations to improve performance!

Coachförbundets viktigaste uppgift är att aktivt stödja Coacherna i vårt nätverk av coacher. Att kvalitetssäkra och alltid sätta klienten i första rum. med vår samlade erfarenhet och kunskap inom coaching och personlig utveckling. Vi är rikstäckande över hela Sverige med ett huvudkontor i Norrköping.

The Coaching Association is for you who want to train as a Coach or work as a Coach for companies or private individuals. We work for better coaching for companies and individuals in different ways.
The coaching association comprises four main areas to be able to take advantage of the coaches' interests in various issues in both the short and long term.

Our four main areas:

The Coaching Association

We at Coachförbundet stand for world-class health and personal development!
For us, the Coaching Association means that we want to help our clients build a new lifestyle, consolidate new habits
and behavior for life.
We stand for belief that everything is possible, inner change and to dare to live your life to the fullest.
We believe in lifelong health because people have the potential to change.
We believe that most people can handle everything as long as you make the decision to dare to face yourself.
We in the Coaching Association want to help our clients reach goals that they did not think were possible - we know how
you do to succeed!

Collaborate with the Coaching Association

The coaching association works with partners to be able to be seen and meet each customer's unique
needs. We have a coach network with different skills and each area is represented by one carefully
selected entrepreneurs who are experts in their field.

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