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The meaning of coaching

The intention is for the coach to help the client build his own capacity to make a permanent change, not for the coach to talk about how the client should do or convey their own values.

Coaching is to start from the client's resources to support the client on the way to the goal, not to start from their own expertise and experience in the field.

The coach must work towards making himself redundant so that the client can release his own qualities.

When a client has completed a successful coaching period with a professional coach, the client should have a feeling that says: "It was I who did it!"

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Company coach & company development for the change process

Company coach

Hiring a business coach can be absolutely necessary for a business.

Coaching for individuals

Coaching for individuals

Have you reached a point in life where you want a change?

Leadership coaching & leadership coaching

Head coach & leadership coach

Do you want the opportunity to reflect on your leadership and gain new perspectives on the managerial challenges you face in everyday life?

Welcome to the Coaching Association

Welcome to the Coaching Association

The Coach Federation's most important task is to actively support the Coaches in our network of coaches. To ensure quality and always put the client first.

Coach training Become a Qualified Coach

Coach training Become a Qualified Coach

Do you want to develop people and help them reach their goals? Find an education and diploma / certify yourself as a coach with us! Become a Merited Coach

What does a career coach do?

What does a career coach do?

Do you need to change and speed up your career? Do you find it difficult to get your thoughts structured into appropriate goals?

19 questions that the life coach thinks you should ask yourself

What does a life coach do?

A life coach will help you clarify what is going on in your life. With the help of a life coach, you can learn to prioritize in a different way

Find your coach. For you who are looking for a coach

Find a coach

For you who are looking for a coach. Here you can filter Coaches according to your wishes.

How does online coaching work? Does it really work?

Online Coaching

Online coaching gives as good results as personal coaching, you get faster help and it gives you the freedom to be coached whenever and wherever you want.

Wikipedia information about Coaching

Coaching Coaching is a solution-focused conversational technique that aims to help an individual or a group of people become more active and use their abilities more effectively to achieve certain goals. Coaching is common in sports but has in recent years been used in many other contexts, for example among those who deal with career guidance and leadership. Coaching can be practiced in many different ways. It is common to set intermediate goals, encourage and ask questions. The person who leads the activity is called a coach.